Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lance and Nancy

Well, I'm assuming Lance and Nancy made it back safely. We were so happy to have them come stay with us for a while. It was great to get to know Nancy a little better. She's got such a funny sense of humor. Her laid back personality was good for me because it's easier to chill out when you're around her. Anyway, I think I have permanently cured them of the desire to ever want children again. Eva was enough of a dose of medicine that I think they must have had an allergic reaction. I know I was having one. I just want to state for the record, she's not always rotten. But they sure experienced her at her "best".

I'm just waiting now for some of those great pictures Lance took, which by the way, were almost 900 pics. I'll let them tell you all about their trip, but I just wanted them to know how much I appriciated them coming out to visit us. We had a great time. Sorry I was a little down and out some of the time. Missing the hubby a great deal.


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Lance&Nance said...

We had such a great time. I will post pictures soon and get that cd to you soon. Thank you so much for everything. I'll talk to you soon.
Don't worry, we love gabe AND eva. Hope hans is doing well.