Saturday, May 17, 2008

Food blog

I am looking for a good place to store recipes in another form besides my cookbooks. I want to start a blog that is just for my recipes of foods we love and eat on a regular basis and foods we have discovered since being married. I thought it might be fun to include any family member interested in this blog. I am thinking anyone could just add a recipe anytime they try something new they love or even like. It would be fun to take pictures of the food and you could even write a story or something about it. For instance, last year we made Indian food for Father's Day. It was our first attempt and was pretty good. Because of that experience Mike found this cool Asian grocery store that he likes to go to just for fun. We have tons of cool different spices that we never use from his trips to the store. So, I could post that recipe and write the memory behind it. I would love contributions from sister-in-laws because we could get different recipes that you grew up with that we didn't grow up with in this family. You could include sides, drinks, desserts, main dishes. We all got that recipe book from mom and I love it. This would just be a continuation of that online. Anyone intersted?


Jess and Jen said...

That would be great! I would totally read it (and maybe contribute occasionally).


Jason said...

I'm all for it!!!

Jess and Jen said...

That could be a great blog. Two things would help tremendously in this effort:

1. Convince Mom or Dad to digitally upload to the blog all the recipes they gave to us a few years ago.

2. When people post to this food blog, encourage the use of labels. As people use labels, you can have them displayed as a gadget/widget on one of the sidebars of the blog. It would be useful to have labels like "Main Dish" or "Dessert" and some details like "crockpot" or "grill" or etc. Then you could also have labels for "Food Memory" or something...

The labels would provide a real easy way to browse through different recipes without having to search... (am I lazy?).

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I like the idea, Adrianne. Jess' comment about labels is important if I understand it. I think this is the label you can put on when you post the recipe.

I will try to see if we can put the stuff on that is in the computer right now from the previous book. It would have no labels if put on in mass. Is that right?

Dad Clark