Saturday, May 24, 2008

Clumbsy Lindsey

This morning started out a doozy! Neither one of the kids slept well last night at all. After the fact that Eva kept waking up all night, Gabe didn't sleep thru the night which is weird because he's been sleeping thru the night since Hans left. Eva then woke up for good at 5 and Gabe was up by 5:30. So, we got a really early start this morning. Anyway, I decided to get in the shower while Gabe was taking his morning nap and Eva was watching Baby Einstein. I usually never get a shower by myself these days unless Eva watches baby einstein. While I was in the shower, I kept the door open like always so I could hear the kids. Well, I guess I was taking an exceptionally hot shower because the smoke detector in the hallway started going off and scared me to death. So I had to shut the door so it would stop and Gabe would still sleep while Eva was hopefully still distracted by the show. Well, I didn't want to step out of the shower and get the floor all wet, so I thought I could lean over and reach the door handle. Stupid Lindsey...I fell really hard and hurt both my shoulders. I landed really hard with one of my arms and shoulder outside the tub supporting all my weight and the other shoulder banged the top of the tub really hard. Don't ask me where my feet were, but I sure hit my belly really hard too. It was a sore site to see. Kind of like a beached whale trying to get back out to sea, except I was trying to stand back up. I'm now feeling the effects of it tonight. What a pathetic morning huh!?



Jason said...

Don't feel too badly, Linds, I did much the same thing 9 years ago. The shower floor was slippery and I fell through the curtain, face first onto the toilet. I thought for sure that I had broken my jaw again. It didn't help that Michelle was laughing - at least until she realized that I was really in pain. Luckily nothing was damaged but my pride.

Jess and Jen said...

I'm sorry. That sounds awful! That's when you're glad that you're not pregnant anymore, since you hit your belly. Hope your soreness goes away soon!


Lokodi said...

Jason, that's hilarious. I got a good laugh at that. I'm sorry you got hurt though. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only clumsy one. At least we can laugh at ourselves right?


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Well Lins, after you have done something crazy like that about ten times you might catch up with my stupidity and clumsiness. I am sorry you had to do that and sorry that Eva and Gabe probably did not even get to laugh at you let alone say hope you are alright. Best to you sweety.

Dad Clark