Sunday, May 04, 2008

All Maps can lead you wrong.

I tried the new google maps that Jess was talking about for my next two Pampered Chef parties coming up. I like the site and it seems more user friendly then mapquest, so I'm going to try it.

However I thought, well just for fun let's see what the directions will be to that party that I got lost going to just 2 weeks ago.

I typed in my address, then 1349 Ripley Ct. Muscatine, IA 52761 this is where the party was located on the 19th of April.

Google Maps gave me the exact same directions as Map Quest, so if I had used them I would have been lost as well.
I couldn't believe it, that same dirt/mud road and everything.

Confusing thing about all this is, these directions are all wrong from both sites. My host did receive my packet I sent her, so I have the address right, but why can't anyone find a way to her home on the internet with a map site?

Confused and still don't know how to get there.

But it doesn't really matter anyway, she doesn't seem to be re-scheduling, not returning my calls. I'm really too busy for this kind of response so I'm not calling her again. Her loss since I'm now totally booked up in May with 9 shows, there's really no time to squeeze her in.

Also because of all that mud, our car was seriously off balance. We had washed it a total of 5 times. Once right when I got home from the incident. Then we took it to a car wash and power washed it underneath inside the wheels and everywhere. Then it still vibrated when driving fast so I washed it again by myself with the hose for a really long time, inside the wheels, underneath the car and mud just poured out. Then again a couple times with an undercarriage wash at a local car wash.

Friday the vibrating was so bad while driving that I called Toyota and asked them if they could squeeze me in to get it balanced.

They took off the wheels and washed inside and all under the car. They said that mud/clay was caked inside the wheels and there's no way a hose or regular car wash would ever get all that out. He also said that when people travel on dirt roads or gravel roads a lot that they need to have their wheels taken off twice a year and cleaned out, otherwise the dirt gets up in their tires, gets wet, turns to mud, slides down inside the wheel and hardens thus throwing the car off balance which then leads to many other car problems.

All is well now, the car is driving great and I really don't think I ever want to go to Muscatine again.

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