Monday, December 24, 2007

What do you think?

I got an email (I will send it to you all so you can see it) about Julie Beck's general conference talk. Apparently there has been alot of discussion on the internet about it. I wanted to see what some people were saying. I found these two links and would love you all to check them out and read some of the comments. What do you think?


chelsey said...

Interesting. I didn't realize anyone was all hot and bothered over her talk. I read it in the Ensign and cried through half of it. It was a powerful talk that calls us to action. It reaffirmed my own testimony of the sacredness of my role as a wife, mother, and child of God. I wonder if those that took offense aren't perhaps dealing with other issues that Beck's talk just happened to spark.

Jason said...

We discussed this talk in EQ several weeks ago. The discussion was all very positive and very much in agreement with Sister Beck. I think that is anyone is feeling guilty it is their own fault, not Sister Beck's.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I agree with you both. I really liked the talk. I was feeling so sad to see so many women (and men) say such negative and doubting things of a leader called of God. I especially found it sad when people would say things along the lines that she didn't understand the culture of women in the church. She didn't say anything new. I think it is interesting how you men get ripped on in Priesthood session all the time and the women generally get such positive talks about how wonderful they are. Then someone gives a talk that doesn't even call any women to repentance, just says what she should be doing, and everyone freaks out. Very interesting.