Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Tire for Christmas

I had an accident today while turning a corner, the car slipped on the ice, rammed into the ice/snow cement side I guess, not really sure what I hit, but it bent the rim, popped the tire.

A nice man saw it happen and told me he'd change my tire for me. So now there's an ugly looking spare on our car that will definitely need changed as soon as possible since we are due to get yet another fun ice storm on Thursday and Friday. Hope your week is better than mine.



chelsey said...

Man! That just stinks! The worst thing to have to worry about around xmas is car trouble. 2 years ago (just before Jake was born and xmas a week away) we had a girl hit and run on our Ford during a snowstorm. Since the cops never found her, we still haven't fixed the small dent in the door (which makes it hard to open and close tight). She was here illegally and didn't have insurance. Ours won't cover it until our deductible is met. Great. We're just to cheap to fix it. Hopefully, your new tire won't cost too much! Here's to things looking up for you!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm so sorry. How lucky that some man was there and offered to help. I hope you don't have another ice storm.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Be safe everybody!! Ice storms are the worst and I always worry whenever you guys all get them. This was not a great thing to happen on top of Caleb and Scott's surgeries a week or so before Christmas! Darn!!! I'm glad you weren't hurt.