Saturday, December 08, 2007

Let it snow

Well, the snow came last night and continues today. My poor willow tree used to be so magnificent. Now, after a strong summer and winter storm, this tree has seen its better days. The snow we're receiving now is very wet and heavy and the trees in the area are stressed. The problem is my willow doesn't take stress very well, so his life is quickly ending.

We measured the snow on our back deck (about 2 feet from the door) and it was at 8 inches. The girls can't wait to go sledding (we went last Saturday and took a video and posted it here).

We're supposed to have a work part up at Brighton Ski Resort today. They've had 18 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours and 29 in two days. I doubt we'll be holding the party this afternoon.


chelsey said...

That poor tree! I love that tree! I hope it survives. We had a work party at Brighton one year too. It was really fun. They had night skiing available for $5! I didn't think it was a good idea to go since I don't know how to ski very well and daytime would've been rather helpful in that case.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Poor, poor tree! Willow trees are very fragile and break down a lot.
SLC got twice as much snow as Elk Ridge. For a change, we were on the lower end of snow.
Another one is moving in tonight. Hope it isn't too bad.

Jess and Jen said...

My work party still happened, but we didn't go up. My boss called and said that chains or 4x4 were required, of which we have neither. He also said to come prepared to spend the night in case more weather moved in.

Don't think so. Jen had to attend Welfare at 7:15am, I still had to prepare my Gospel Principles lesson, and there's no way our girls would have slept up there. So I went to the Ellett's and replaced two toilets. Oh, the joys...