Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bye Bye Birdie

Well, Lindsey and Eva are on their way to Germany. Her flight left SLC at 5:45am, so we were up a little after 3am and at the airport by 4. It was hard to see her and Eva go, but I think they are anxious to get back to their familiar settings and to not live out of suitcases.

She was concerned that her suitcase was too heavy and she was determined not to pay the extra $50, so we re-arranged things last night into two bags with more distributed weight. Well, she put her main suitcase on the scale and the lady said, "This bag is 15 lbs overweight. Do you want to pay the $50 to keep it?" Lindsey was a little panicked and dumbfounded (as was I). I had the lady check the other suitcase to see how under we were on that guy so we could re-distribute the weight even more. She said "This one is over, too." We both objected because I knew I wasn't holding 50 lbs. with that bag. We asked her to recalibrate her scales and it turns out both were underweight. Whew!

Lindsey had a quick flight to Phoenix and then a 13 hr. flight to Frankfurt...with Eva on her lap the whole way. I hope it turns out well!

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chelsey said...

I hope all went well for you Lindsey! I'll be sure to say a little prayer for you today that Eva sleeps for most of the flight for you! I wish I could've seen you two while you were here in the states, but good luck back in Germany! Remember to call Renee if you need some help!!!