Monday, November 19, 2007


I want to issue huge THANK YOU to all who helped us Saturday. Lindsey, Gillian & Kaitlin helped me rake and bag 36 huge bags of leaves while Eva sat in them. We were all pretty tired with blisters and sore knees but we got it done. In the afternoon Jess, Adam and David helped trim bushes and plants, repair things on the house, and haul all the old furniture in our basement out to a large truck which we filled 2-3 times and took to the dump. David had cleaned all the gutters to free them of leaves and now I think we are just about ready for winter. We were also able to get the house cleaned up for an appraisal which took place this morning.
We surely appreciate your willingness to come and help us. We still have a few projects ahead of us, but the big ones are mostly done. Jim still has to build the stairs to his pigeon loft and put a small covering over the platform he built, I still have to finish painting Ammon's bathroom and I need to paint a desk we put in that bathroom. We need to repair some loose tiles in the hall and after that, we are going to rest for a bit.
Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love you guys.

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