Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shout out to Hans

Hey Hans,
We were wondering if perhaps we might be able to pawn off some of our Halloween candy on you! I'm hoping that the kids will be excited to share some with you and not mind me sending it out. We just have way too much. I'll let them keep their favorites, and hopefully send the rest. I just don't want to eat it myself! I don't need the extra weight on the ol' thighs!! But first I need to know how to send it, do you have an APO address so we can send stuff out cheaper, and do you even want the candy? I was thinking that if you don't want it, are you in a position to give it away either to other soldiers or to Iraqi children? My kids would probably like to know they're helping soldiers or other kids. If you or Lindsey can respond, that'd be great. We don't have an address for you anyway. Thanks!

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Lokodi said...

Ok, sorry this has taken forever to comment. Hans would actually love the extra candy I'm sure. If he doesn't eat it all, I'm sure he'll have plenty of guys to help take it from him. I will find his address in my suitcase in the morning. Eva's asleep so I don't want to wake her trying to find it. He would really appriciate family packages though. It helps keep the spirits high. Thanks for thinking about him. He's been really busy lately so he hasn't had time to check the blog for a week or two.