Thursday, November 29, 2007

Katy's party

Hey, did anyone get pictures of Katy's party? What did you get for your birthday? Was the party fun?


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

No, we didn't get photos. None of our cameras work -- David doesn't have batteries and ours and Lindsey's cameras eat the batteries and just don't work. Kaitlin will have to respond, but I think the kids had a good time. They had tons (!) of goodies and she received several very nice gifts. I am judging the fun by the noise. They laughed a lot and were pretty loud so I think they had fun. There were about 10-15 kids there.

Katy Bug! said...

There were ten kids out of the 28 that I invited. Some were out of town and others were sick. I really didn't even care because I still had fun. I got two really cute bags that have polka-dots on them. One was brown and I got that one form Candice Wride and the other one was pink with green polka-dots from Kellie Orton... no she is not related to the Big family Ortons. I got a bracelet and a necklace from Lance and Nancy (which was pretty much my favoite prsent I got). I got some handmade Coldstone ice cream. Ben Mitchel (for those of you who know him from 3rd ward) works there and he made it. It was a lemmon sorbet with pineapple, strawberries, rasperries, and blueberries. It was amazing. I got a really cute necklace with matching earings from Celeste Lee. I also got a really really cute dress from Down East Basics along with 2 tank-tops from there also. I got a really really cute and warm coat from Charlate Russe. It was a really good deal.
Well long story short yeah it was way fun as Mom guessed. I was actually not the loudest person (well when I wasn't laughing that is...) Samae Smith and Garret Stirland were... no surprise there in my opinion, well since I actually know them. Thanks for Everything guys!!! I ove you tons. Ksatydid!!! :) :P :D <3