Saturday, November 24, 2007

Did any of you see that Tom Osborne fired Bill Calahan? It is about time. The two candidates being mentioned are Bo Pelini and Turner Gill. I remember watching Turner Gill play as the Huskers quarterback but I think I would prefer Bo Pelini for the job.



Jess and Jen said...

So, do you think there will be a push to get Nebraska back to their old school format of play? Will they go back to smash mouth running games? Or is the west coast offense here to stay?

I turned on the Colo-NE game yesterday when the Huskers were up 38-24 and I immediately watched their quarterback throw a pick-6 and then on the very next possession, throw another pick.

Jason said...

I like this kid they have playing quarterback right now. He threw for over 500 yards in their win over K-state. He is still very inexperienced but if they stay with the west coast offense, I think he will end up being an incredible quarterback. Nebraska really needs to focus on their defense. The triple option offense of the Osborne/Solich era worked well but the offense needs to be more balanced. It will be interesting to see what happens next season.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Balance is the name of the game unless you are overwhelmingly good doing one thing or the other. I love a passing team. Like the Cougars used to be. But it is so dependant on being "on." If you have a little balance at least you can hold off until you get your game going.

I am happy that Nebraska has a chance to start over. They work in a tough league and only the best survive. They will come back. You just watch.

And Dave, you better look for someone who will watch it with you if you are going to see the great comback. It happens on Saturday, not Sunday!

Dad Clark