Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Budding Musician

The great musician at work in 1986 at Christmas time. Where is that violin now? In fact, where is the flute, or for that matter, have we heard her voice lately? Who is this woman anyway. Did she marry Issac Stern? Or is her last name Rampal?

I know some blondes. I'll have to ask them

Dad Clark
Sorry about the awkward arrangement of this post. I cannot seem to edit the position of the top picture. I will have to learn me about it later.


Lance&Nance said...

Um, those pictures are soo adorable!!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Lance -- your turn is coming..... he, he, he. (Maybe he can catch the sleeping in the highchair with ketcup on your face and hotdogs in your mouth.)

chelsey said...

Some things are best left forgotten...

(By the way Dad, I actually sang at a special baby blessing just last Sunday.)