Monday, October 22, 2007

Sarah's 1st concert

Brent drew the short stick this last weekend and took Sarah to her first real music concert. Lucky him, huh! The musician is some guy named Rick Charette and he's something of a local celeb with all the kids out here. I think he sounds like Jimmy Buffet meets Barney. Sarah had a blast and boogied on down with all the actions to the songs. Brent said it was pretty funny and cute. He didn't seem to mind too much and said it was fun to watch Sarah. I just keep thinking, "Yeah, wait until she wants to go to a real rock concert when she's 16!"


Mike and Adrianne said...

One more concert to go and she will pass me up! I'm glad Brent got to go with her. It sounds like a fun "date" for her.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Just stay with Barney and you will be fine. You could try the Doodlebobs or the boys from Austrailia. They are safe.

I assume you have all heard the now famous remarks of Sen. John McCain at the debate last night. He refered to the concert of all concerts, Woodstock. Chris and I actually have been to the site of the famous drug and other girl boy things beside music. It is a field in upstate New York.

He metioned that Hillary actually wanted congress to spend a million dollars to erect a monument at Woodstock commemorating it. Just think, he said (and I am paraphrasing), a monument to the great art and the horticultural efforts, too. But then he added, I do not know much about it, however. I was tied up at the time.

He brought the house down, and got a standing ovation, even clapping from the other candidates.

I assume you all get it. Ask if you need to. Perhaps it is a dated joke.

So, Barney yes, but others only very carfully unless you want to loose the cuteness really fast.

Dad Clark