Saturday, October 13, 2007

A little update

Things are always going on that we think "Hey, I wanna blog about that" but like Nancy said, too many things get in the way and the thought passes. Well, I've got a few things I wanted to write down before I forgot them.

1. We finished planting our xeriscaped side yard. We planted the shrubs on Monday and this weekend planted our Honey Locust tree (thanks for the suggestions), 5 blue oat grass clumps, and 5 blue fescue clumps. We're using the oat grass and fescue as a sort of border to the yard.

2. The next step is landscape fabric (already got that) and mulch. The yard is well over 800 sq. feet and the mulch we thought we were going to buy would cost my whole paycheck. So I think we're going to check out the mulch created from green waste at the dump. Much cheaper!

3. The bookshelves are installed, squared, and secured. We purchased molding to finish the job off and will install them Monday or Tuesday.

4. Lauren's first tooth broke through today. She's also begun crawling this week, so things are moving right along.

5. Abby finished her Fall soccer league. She only scored one goal the whole season and I missed it. Bummer. I coached the last few games and Abby sure was excited about that.

6. We've learned that Lauren enjoys schadenfreude. Whenever Leah or Abby breaks down in tears for some reason (and there are tons of 'em), Lauren just finds that to be awfully funny.

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