Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday!

So, the time has come to wish Amy a happy birthday. I want to make some funny comment on how old she it, but I'm less than 9 months away from this ancient milestone as well. So, no "old" jokes for the aging woman.

By the way, I never would have known when her birthday was if Adam and Amy hadn't put it on the family calendar. Thanks!



Mike and Adrianne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Is that why you guys got to go out to dinner? Not that you need an excuse, right? I hope you have an awesome birthday. I can't call because Mike and I are idiots and don't think to put more time on our calling card. Sorry. We love you and hope you get to do lots of celebrating.

Team Clark said...

Thanks, everyone. You are both very thoughtful. I'm having a great day. I'm eating cheesecake as we speak and loving every bite of it. This is my second piece today...I'm finding that it's not very good to have a whole cheesecake in your fridge - it's way too easy to have a piece whenever you want.
Yeah, Kaitlin watched the kids for us last night while we went out - it was a lot of fun.
Thanks again!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Well, thanks to Jess, he spilled the beans about how old you are, but I'm sure glad you put your birthday on the family calendar. I forget to look at even that!
I hope you had a wonderful, fun day and we wish you much happiness in the coming year.
Mom Clark

Lance&Nance said...

Happy Birthday Amy! You're the bomb.

chelsey said...

Hopefully later is better than never...:(

Happy belated birthday from all of us out here! It sounds like it was a good one. How are you guys all doing anyway??