Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy weekend

Where does the weekend go? I think this one flew by. Don't know if I really wanted today to start. Saturday was our Relief Society Super Saturday, Geoff had his 2nd test for the Gifted program, a birthday party celebration at a laser tag place, and Brent had tons of yard work to do. (We're trying to repair the patches in our lawn.)

Then yesterday we had church, Brent had a meeting later, and I had to sing a duet for a family's baby blessing. Last night we also had our first fire in our firepit. Brent built one in the bottom of our yard with some big rocks. We invited our neighbors over and actually had a good discussion about religion. (They're catholic). It turned into a very nice evening. I even made banana boats! I haven't made those since girls camp. Thankfully, they turned out okay. We need to find a picnic table to put down there by the firepit. It all made Utah seem a little closer to be able to have a fire. We used to take the kids up Millcreek canyon and roast marshmallows for FHE a lot. Now we can do it at home!

From the sounds of it, most of the family had a busy weekend. I hope yours was as good, though busy, as ours.


Jess and Jen said...

Fire pits are awesome! I wish we had one installed in our backyard.

Good luck in your re-seeding efforts in the yard. Hope the grass takes.

Jess and Jen said...

Wait, Chelsey, I just re-read part of your post. Typically when I've done baby blessings, I've said them as prayers. They're letting women sing the blessings as songs in Cincinnati, eh?

Maybe we ought to send out some of the church authorities to check on you guys...